Do you put soy sauce on something often?

There are several person who put something on egg like a sunny-side-up.
salt-and-pepper-person, oyster-sauce-person, ketchup-person, and soy-sauce-person and so on.

me? I always put nothing.
Why do you have soy sauce then!?
I have no clue. I wonder why...It must be a one of the seven wonders of the world.
What a small world it is!


When I was realized, more 500 days had passed since I quit drinking!

I can't believe it, considering when I was addicted to alcohol. (didn't I? )
At now, I even feel smell of alcohol from soy sauce.


Ordinary people might feel that it's not normal.
What do you mean? 
It's a terminal symptoms of alcoholism? or is it the result that conquered from it? or is there something wrong with my sense? or is it all?

Anyway, I'm not sure if it really contains alcohol or not.
Is it rotten?
I'm sure it expired 3 years ago. so what? by the way, does soy sauce rot?
No problem, you don't die from that or you die within 100 years in any case, don't worry, that makes no difference.

oh, It's time to breakfast. I'll make scrambled eggs, then add soy sauce...
I wonder if it okay...?

that aside, I've refrained from alcohol, also improved intaking nutrition.
It must be good to brain! I'm improving!


Please! work more!

oh, that's not polite. I want to take it back.
I'd appreciate it if you could kindly work little more harder.

Who are you talking to?


I took the afternoon off for 2 days in a row because I wanted to read books.
Fortunately, What it was not busy lately gave me a boost. Nobody could blame me! This is rights!
and then, What is this guilt? Why do I feel like that? Am I coward by any chance?
Or actually, Is that just the reason for the terminal symptoms?

What kind of..?
I don’t know why, but something doesn’t sit right with me.

I felt reading in English somehow faster.
Maybe It's as fast as preschool in native. or rather, slower..
And I can read barely, but it is difficult to write, even more to talk.
But I got to think, to learn English is to know culture. and that means experience two cultures in one life.
I'm still working on, though. what more, it's long long looong way. I cannot come into sight to goal.


I wonder if this is something limited to English...
For example, I used to try communicate with cats. but did I try hard? did I try to utter cats voice?

It's just a weirdo...or Genius of the Century?


I saved money against my will last consecutive holidays.
As a reaction to that, I bought books more than usually.
That was cause-and-effect. It might also be good for me  to deserve it. right?
And It's made me happy as well. It is, if anything, a material factor for me.

After that, I got the notification of car tax.
Wow, It's too late! If I had known, I'd haven't bought books such a lot!

I paid my taxes hoping to be a good citizen. so now, I'm broke.
What kind of cause-and-effect!
I'm wondering why does the structure make a good citizen broke?
but It may be priority for municipal structure at same time. I know next nothing of it though!

Basically, I guess I'm kind of frugal, or rather stingy, but no harm.
No matter what I think, I cannot against being stingy! why? or Am I biologically programmed?
What is the healthy line between those?

I'm wondering is it awkward what I'm thinking after all?
Anyway, It's funny how things work out.


I live in rural seclusion but it's crowed when it comes to holiday every year.
and some people have a BBQ at their yard.

That smells good but of course I can't join in. because of I'm a stranger of their.
How about thinking the good smell as a burning corpse smell.
It's like a part of scene from cruel.
Damn it!

OK, I want a splurge tonight. I decided just then.
Speaking of which, I spent only about 1,000 yen on this consecutive holiday.
so, Let's have a feast!


But there's only 500 yen left.
Wait! Was it means you had only 1,500 yen in the first place?

I guessed I can make do with 1,500 yen, there are also some stock, although expired.
Oops! That's mistake, There is no doubt that the consumption period has expired, but that is why!

So, I went to a grocery store and bought chicken, egg and milk.
What kind of feast...

My vocation is over today.